LAFCO Staffing Guidelines


Executive Officer Appointment

The manner of recruiting and appointing the Executive Officer is a matter of Commission discretion. The position serves at the pleasure of the Commission who may choose an Executive Officer whenever a vacancy occurs or at any time the services of the incumbent are not deemed satisfactory.

The Santa Barbara Executive Officer is employed under contract to the Commission and provides all immediate managerial, analytical and clerical support.

Executive Officer Responsibilities

The Executive Officer implements the policies and directives established by the Commission, manages the LAFCO office, prepares and administers the budget, represents the Commission at meetings, et cetera. The Cortese/Knox Act sets forth the following specific statutory responsibilities:

Other Commission Support

The County Counsel provides legal advice and support for LAFCO. If a conflict of interest ever occurs between LAFCO and the County the Commission can obtain outside counsel.

In addition, the Cortese/Knox Act directs the County Surveyor (or other such County officer or employee as the Board of Supervisors may designate), to examine and report on the boundaries of applications submitted to LAFCO, on request by the Commission or Executive Officer.