Considerations for Approving Agreements:

Annexations to cities and special districts are generally preferred for providing public services, however, out-of-agency service agreements can be an appropriate alternative. While each proposal must be decided on its own merits, the Commission may favorably consider such agreements in the following situations:

  1. Services will be provided to a small portion of a larger parcel and annexation of the entire parcel would be inappropriate in terms of orderly boundaries, adopted land use plans, open space/greenbelt agreements or other relevant factors.
  2. Lack of contiguity makes annexation infeasible given current boundaries and the requested public service is justified based on adopted land use plans or other entitlements for use.
  3. Where public agencies have a formal agreement defining service areas, provided LAFCO has formally recognized the boundaries of the agreement area.
  4. Emergency or health related conditions mitigate against waiting for annexation.
  5. Other circumstances which are consistent with the statutory purposes and the policies and standards of the Santa Barbara LAFCO.

Agreements Consenting to Annex:

Whenever the affected property may ultimately be annexed to the service agency, a standard condition for approval of an out-of-agency service agreement is recordation of an agreement by the landowner consenting to annex the territory, which agreement shall inure to future owners of the property.