1. The Commission encourages will planned, orderly, and efficient urban development patterns for all developing areas. Also, the county, cities, and those districts providing urban services, are encouraged to develop and implement plans and policies which will provided for well-planned, orderly and efficient urban development patterns, with consideration of preserving permanent open space lands within those urban patterns.
  2. Development of existing vacant non open space, and nonprime agricultural land within an agency's boundaries is encouraged prior to further annexation and development. However, where open land adjacent to the agencies are of low agricultural, scenic, or biological value, annexation of those lands may be considered over development of prime agricultural land already existing within an agency's jurisdiction.
  3. Proposals to annex undeveloped or agricultural parcels to cities or districts providing urban services shall demonstrate that urban development is imminent for all or a substantial portion of the proposal area; that urban development will be contiguous with existing or proposed development; and that a planned, orderly, and efficient urban development pattern will result. Proposals resulting in a leapfrog, non-contiguous urban pattern will be discouraged.
  4. Consideration shall be given to permitting sufficient vacant land within each city and/or agency in order to encourage economic development, reduce the cost of housing, and allow timing options for physical and orderly development.