1. All proposals approved by the Commission shall be consistent with adopted spheres of influence and Commission policies. Within the sphere of influence each agency should implement an orderly , phased annexation program.
  2. Already developed unincorporated lands located within the established sphere of influence boundary of a city and which benefit from municipal services provided by such city should be annexed to that city. Vacant land in the same position should be annexed prior to development. LAFCO recognizes that costs for serving some developed unincorporated areas, when studied independently, may exceed revenues. In other cases, revenues will exceed service costs. To the fullest extent possible, cities should develop programs that propose annexation of several areas which, if combined together, achieve a net balance in city costs and revenues.
  3. Districts within a city's sphere of influence should develop plans for orderly detachment of territory from the district or merger of the district as territory is annexed to the city and should plan capital improvements according, except where the type of district services provided are not provided by the city. The county shall be encouraged to ensure that development within a sphere of influence and area of interest meets city standards for public facilities and improvements by providing for city review of all county proposals within the city's area of interest.