1. Any proposal for a change or organization or reorganization shall contain sufficient information to determine that adequate services, facilities, and improvements can be provided and financed by the agencies responsible for the provision of such services, facilities, and improvements.
  2. All lands proposed for annexation to cities shall be prezoned prior to the submission of an application to the Local Agency Formation Commission. The City shall be lead agency for environmental review in such cases, and environmental documentation shall accompany the application.
  3. Reorganization of overlapping and competing agencies or the correction of illogical boundaries dividing agency service areas is recommended. The Commission encourages reorganizations, consolidations, mergers, or dissolutions where the result will be better service, reduced cost, and/or more efficient and visible administration or services to the citizens.
  4. In order to minimize the number of agencies providing services proposals for formation of new agencies shall be discouraged unless there is evidenced a clear need for the agency's services from the landowners and/or residents; there are no other existing agencies that are able to annex and provide similar services; and there is an ability of the new agency to provide for an finance the needed new services.